Theory and technology

Each student has to choose the various modules and to organize his own programme collecting European Credits Transfer System (ECTS).

The education schedule devised by the student according to his next position in the gas industry (Distribution, Transport or Negoce Trading of gas) is controlled by MINES ParisTech. The number of ECTS chosen by the student must be, at least, 45. To reach the required 75 ECTS, 30 ECTS are delivered for industrial internship .

A description of the modules can also be found in the booklet of the Mastère downloadable in this website.


Technological courses

Distribution of Natural Gas2 ECTS
Transport of Gas2 ECTS
Value chain of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)2 ECTS
Underground storage of gas1 ECTS
Gas Thermodynamics1 ECTS
Biogas and gas vehicles1 ECTS
Alternative fuels : H2, biomass, synthetic fuels3 ECTS
Smart grids and communicating meters2 ECTS
Energy Technology Option for a Carbon Free Future2 ECTS
CO2 emissions treatment : capture, recovery and storage3 ECTS
MOOC Energy transition1 ECTS
MOOC Global energy Challenges1 ECTS
MOOC Gas experience1 ECTS

Courses in economics and marketing

Energy markets : Negoce Trading2 ECTS
Innovative projects management2 ECTS
Management and legislation – Change management1 ECTS
Life Cycle of Energy Systems3 ECTS

Other courses

Gas seminar 2 ECTS
PSL weeks (Paris  Sciences et lettres) (November)3 ECTS
Technological or economic survey15 ECTS
5 Individual technical case studies (LNG, Distribution, Transportation, Smart-grids, Trading)10 ECTS
Professional internship30 ECTS

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