Education schedule

This 13 months post graduate diploma is divided into two parts.


From end August to the end of March.

During this period, each candidate undertakes the program of courses he has chosen, which requires, at least 12 to 13 weeks before the internship, which usually begins in early May.

Different projects

“Case studies”

Groups of students must write a report presenting different case studies (almost 4) illustrating the aquired skills. This work, supervised by a professional, will have to be carried out in a strictly limited time (4 days). A correction concludes the activity.

A “Industrial Project” or a “Technological/economical survey”

A project of each student’s choice is proposed at the start of the course. The period between the submission of the project and the end of the session is devoted to investigating the project and compiling a bibliographical study. Some examples are presented here below.

A written report and a viva in front of a panel composed of gas industry experts wraps-up this part of the schedule. This assessment takes place before the student leaves for the internship at the end of the course.

Summary of several projects undertaken since 2011 can be downloaded here

A end-of-year intership

It takes place from the beginning of April to the end of September.

This internship must be carried out in a company involved in the gas industry.

It has to last at least four months minimum.

An INTERNSHIP CONTRACT defines the terms of agreement between the E.N.S.M.P. and the Company in which the internship takes place.

In particular it specifies that the internship comprises an essential element of the Mastère and that the Company receiving the candidate must keep this objective in mind.

A professional thesis

During his internship, the candidate must write a professional thesis. A viva will then be presented in front of a jury nominated by the Development Committee of the Mastère and takes place at the end of the internship, normally during the second half of September.

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